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Paul Wauters


Born in Green Bay Wisconsin

Lives in Grants Pass Oregon 


Paul appreciates the beauty and peace of being in nature. His love of trees led him into the fine art of furniture making. Paul's dream as a woodworker changed when he answered his city's call for talented carpenters to help build a bridge at the mouth of Green Bay. While working on the Leo Frigo Bridge, he saw the landscape surrounding him in a new light. During his breaks he began sketching what he saw, this marked the beginning of his journey as a plein air artist.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay his painting and carpentry skills were put to use as a muralist and exhibit designer. Before the advent of large format printing, Paul hand-painted hundreds of 14'x48' billboards featuring photo-realistic images of animals, people, landscapes

and products. His skills as a sign painter became well-known and in demand. Eventually he found himself managing a full-service outdoor sign company. To relax he would set up his easel near his home and paint.

In 2017, Paul retired and moved to Southern Oregon with his wife Laural to live near their son and grandson. Today Paul is inspired by the rugged beauty of the Pacific Northwest.


He can often be found standing along a scenic roadside or near rivers or lakes enjoying and painting what he sees.


If you happen to see him don't be afraid to stop. He enjoys the company. 


University of Wisconsin Green Bay

Northeast Wisconsin Technical Institute

Gordon School of Art

Professional Experience

Artist - Paul Wauters

Vice President/Creative Director - Jag Outdoor 

Creative Director - Orde Advertising

Sign Painter/Muralist - Orde Advertising

Exhibit Designer - Neville Public Museum

Exhibit Designer - Lawton Gallery 

Exhibit Installer - Maritz Communications

Carpenter - United Brotherhood of Carpenters Local 1146

Purchase an original oil painting

If you are interested in purchasing one of Paul's oil paintings please contact him at:


If would like to commission Paul to paint something specific please contact him at:


The term Plein air painting comes from a French expression meaning "in the open air". Plein air painters paint outdoors based on what they see in front of them. This helps them sense the spirit of a landscape as they try to capture the essence of the natural light, color and movement of what they are painting.

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